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HFW Education Center

School Flyer with Camps

Do you want your children to pass SAT/ACT with higher score?

Do you want them to learn more science knowledge?

Do you want them to pass a second language proficiency test?

HFW Education Center can help you achieve these goals!


School Environment

HFW Education Center is located at Falls Church (near Great Wall Supermarket) and equipped with advanced facilities and positive learning environment. We provide a wide range of courses, such as SAT/ACT study, Science, Chinese, Dancing, Tai Chi class, and etc.

Faculty Members

To ensure a high quality of education, we have a number of high-level teachers with rich experiences and full commitment to students.

Teaching Methods

Small size classes and advanced teaching methods ensure students get the best practice for their personal development. There is no age limit. Our teachers will assist students to participate in different levels of competition and win scholarships for college.


Special Events: Spring Camps and Summer Camps

Our Classes include:

Math, Chinese, Traditional Excises, Memory Training, Manual, Art, Dance, Chess


School Address: Luther Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Phone Number: 703-596-1499 Ext:106

Email: [email protected]


Class begin when 20 students enroll.